Helping Enterprises Plan For The Future

With our reinforcement learning models businesses can benefit from AI without needing big data.


Helps factories prepare for supply chain shocks 001

Helps driverless cars to anticipate new human behaviour 002

Helps businesses optimise their processes to save millions every year 003

Thanks to our proprietary technology, autonomous systems can become more efficient and better prepared for edge-cases, emergencies and other black swan events.


We’re working with leading companies and are supported by the smartest advisors and investors around

Sector Overview

Smart Factories

We solve optimization problems across production planning, warehouse planning, maintenance planning, resource planning and more. This enables factories to become more efficient and profitable without collecting huge amounts of data.


Our scenarios help driverless cars become safer and smarter. We do this by helping our partners understand the behaviours of vulnerable road users at scale without extensive testing.


Our proprietary approach solves our customer's most complex optimization problems, saving them hundreds of hours of labour and making their products and businesses infinitely more resilient.

We combine expertise, insight and situational data

To build learning environments where our AI agent is exposed to 1000s of scenarios

Our proprietary reinforcement learning models process millions of different scenarios and learn the best actions to perform

This leads to high performing models which can be accessed via our Phantasma platform

We constantly update and improve our models in production to ensure highest quality and performance

What sets us apart from classical approaches to Operations Research?

Requires an expert user to model the problem

Works under uncertainty

Needs manual setup for new customer

Can react to sudden changes in the system

Works well in static environments

Traditional OR

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