We make complex data more human

Our scenarios help driverless cars become safer and smarter.

Why Phantasma?

We are working to create a safer, more efficient transport system.

We help our partners understand the behaviours of vulnerable road users at scale.

Scenarios at Scale 001

Eliminate blind spots.

Diversify existing datasets by adding unique edge-case scenarios involving complex VRU behaviours.

Behaviour Models 002

Practice makes perfect.

Machine learning based VRU agents interact directly with vehicle under test, saving you the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of hours on the road.

Coverage 003

See the bigger picture.

Ensure coverage with our scenarios and behaviour models. Extract parameters and KPI to evaluate effectiveness.

Safety 004

Never compromise.

Safety is what currently holds driverless cars back. And that is why it is our number one priority.

Our Product

Virtual testing at scale is an essential step in the development of safe autonomous vehicles.

It requires massive amounts of data and VRU agents that can play out millions of possible events. We provide those scenarios.

How we do it

We test for safety by running those scenarios against a verification plan and iterating on them with a range of different parameters.

Cutting edge simulations

Our versatile and comprehensive simulations are easy to evaluate and monitor.

Integration Models

Our scenarios, behaviour models and insights can be integrated straight into simulation and verification tools.

Static Interaction

Our scenario datasets can be replayed within your simulation stack in a number of industry-standard formats.

Dynamic Interaction

Our behaviour models can be directly integrated inside your simulations with various co-simulation protocols and operate within the loop.


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