Optimize every process

We empower machines to better anticipate change, saving businesses billions every year. We achieve this without needing huge amounts of data or taking half a decade to deploy a working solution.


It’s never too late to digitize

Failing to integrate AI into your planning and decision-making processes is costing time and money. We don't need historical data in order to build an AI solution that can enhance the efficiency of your planning and decision making processes.

The right AI solution could save you millions

Most factories want to benefit from AI but aren’t in a position to deploy software solutions. That’s where we come in.

Judgment calls aren’t always enough

Reduce waste and inefficiency. Constant optimal decisions can only be guaranteed with specially-tailored AI solutions.

Factories are complex environments

Staying on top of every possible edge-case is a tough ask. AI trained on simulations can help. No historical data needed.

Why Phantasma?

Responding to dynamic scenarios in factories can be tough. Our AI models trained on simulations provide decision support for responding to these scenarios without the need for big data.

Save millions in operational and investment costs

Speed up digitisation without a 2-5 year waiting period

Anticipate and build resilience for Black-Swan Events

Our Solution002

Making Factories Smarter

We use common data points and sector expertise to build industry-bespoke algorithms at scale.

Improve efficiency 10x

As a result, our tailored AI solutions can suggest real-time optimal decisions across planning and production.

No Big Data Needed

This means that even if you haven’t collected data over the years, you can still benefit from the latest AI automation across your factory.

Use Cases002

Shift Planning

Staying on top of shift planning, from changing customer demands, employee availability and machine availability, can be a headache. With Phantasma, it is possible to dynamically generate shift plans based on individually chosen parameters and inputs.

Audit Planning

Optimise your resource allocation while taking all the relevant parameters like skillset and availability into account. Our software will automatically generate optimised audit plans, saving you time and money.

Maintenance Planning

Machine breakdowns have a significant impact on production targets. Phantasma helps you generate optimised maintenance plans based on staff availability and machine prioritisation so that you’re less likely to fall behind.

Create AI-Based optimized schedules with the click of a button


Our bespoke solutions work around your existing set up.

Stand Alone Solution

The Phantasma platform can be used as is and receive data directly from your machines. Our solutions work with what you already have.

Easy Day-to-Day Use

Start by selecting the relevant KPI in your individual factory environment and let AI find the optimal decision for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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